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A Moment In Time

Growing up people would always say that, “your life can change in a moment“. I never gave it much thought until that day…A year ago today, in fact, what started out like any normal day would end much differently. I have thought about that day almost every day since, so I guess I write this to bring some closure.

It was a busy rushed morning getting my child off to school. After drop off, I was driving to work on the same roads I had always driven. Roads that now look different to me. I had settled in for my 40 minute commute and about 20 minutes in I was approaching an intersection on a busy 4 lane highway. There is a fairly wide grassy median in between the north and south bound lanes. I was traveling 58 MPH going north in the far right lane when out of no where a very fast car came at me from the west. I hadn’t noticed him until he was in the lane next to me. In that moment my world would change.

I slammed on my brakes and tried to swerve to the right and as I did this I noticed a car also on my right stopped at the stop sign. As the driver’s car impacted me everything went dark. Everything happened so fast! In that moment I remember being very scared and wondering where that car had come from and how was he traveling so fast. As the airbag deflated I could see again that I somehow had avoided the parked car next to me on the right. Panic set in as I realized that my foot was on the brake yet and I was headed for the ditch. After my car came to a stop on the embankment, I came to a new panic as I realized that I was having trouble breathing. I smelled smoke and tried to get out of my car but the door was jammed shut. I found my phone under my feet and tried to call 911 but for some reason the call wouldn’t go thru. I speed dialed my husband and he called 911 for me. He too was headed to work and arrived the same time as the fire truck and paramedics.

I will never forget that moment of panic on his face when I saw him approach my car. What I didn’t realize then that I would later learn that as he approached my car he saw the pieces of my daughters car seat on the ground outside of my car. I to this day am so grateful to God for allowing this crash to happen after I had already dropped her at school.

After the firemen pried my door open, they slapped a cervical collar on me, strapped me to a back board, and drove me away in the ambulance to the trauma unit in downtown. That was the moment that I started to assess how I really felt. I hurt all over. Some burning pain, it still hurt to breathe, my feet were numb, I was cold all over(shaking), and my neck hurt. I didn’t have any blood anywhere, so in my mind I was ok. When we arrived at the hospital and the paramedic announced me, that was when a new panic set in. I apparently was in worse shape than I thought. He said, “possible broken wrist, clavicle, and pelvis with internal bleeding”. Internal bleeding, are you kidding me?! Numerous x-rays, MRI, and CT scans later would reveal that nothing was broken and I didn’t have any internal bleeding. Praise God! I was bruised and banged up really well, but I was going to heal and be fine! So I thought…stay tuned next week to hear my continuing story!

Here is what was left of my Prius!

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