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Hello! Welcome to my website. If you love Jesus, raising healthy kids, are into nature, cooking, reading, adoption, and learning alternative ways to get and stay healthy then this website is for you!

A little about me…I live in Charlotte, NC with my husband of 13 years, my daughter, and my dog. I am a chiropractor that graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2005. I have been studying whole food nutrition through Standard Process/MediHerb for the last 5 years. My most recent endeavor is studying essential oils through Young Living. I am very excited about this! I work part time which also allows me to be a stay at home mom. My daughter goes to a University model school which means that 3 days a week she attends classes and 2 days a week I get the priveledge of homeschooling her. We just love this model! It really is the best of both worlds. A year ago we also started the long process of adoption. We look forward to the day when we get to welcome a new additon into our family! In my spare time I regularly attend bible study (I would be a mess without my gals), enjoy walking my dog, reading, and just enjoying hanging out in nature.Family Pic

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